The Wonder of Dogs, BBC Two


This was the third film we worked on for Windfall Films. As ever, we carried out background checks on all contributors to the film, ensuring that providers of performing animals
are really as good as the largely unmonitored licences they hold. We reviewed the script in advance and stayed on set throughout. Windfall gained an independent ally that could reassure the public that it had acted appropriately in animal welfare terms. This is important in a show like this, where one dog walked on a treadmill and others swam in a chlorinated pool. Both scenes attracted concerned scrutiny, which we were ready for. Only an acclimatised, trained dog was used on the treadmill – and chlorine is perfectly safe!

• When animals are to be used to ‘perform’ in any way, we will carry out the
  appropriate background checks on providers – currently licences are issued,
  but not necessarily checked, by the authorities.
• We get involved in film projects at commission stage.
• We talk to everyone involved and complete animal protection forms with all
  the cast and crew.
• We explain the dangers of getting it wrong and show how to get it right.
• We understand what you want to achieve, and will help you find a
  welfare-friendly way to do it.