Whatever it takes to get it right


We are here to help animals and to help you – it’s that simple.
Perhaps you need to make sure you’re fully legal, or you’re planning
an event involving animals, or you need animal welfare accreditation. We can help.

If you’re planning to use animals on TV or in film, get us on board early, so we can
help you get it right in the most practical, imaginative and cost-effective way.

If you want to know how well animal welfare is being protected in your own organisation
or in an external situation, we can carry out an independent investigation for you.

We’ll minimise your risk of getting into the media for the wrong reasons and
help you manage the damage from unjust, mischievous publicity.

What we do
Film and television: make sure you can truthfully claim no animals were harmed in
your production by asking us to advise and give onset supervision – we’ll be there
from the commission stage to transmission and beyond. Don’t leave it to chance –
get it right and avoid the media storm a mistake would inevitably provoke.
Event management: we will keep you on the right side of the law, make sure the
animals at your event are safe and well and act as animal welfare media contacts
on the day.
Compliance and law enforcement: we will make sure you comply with all the
many existing animal welfare laws.
Independent welfare investigations: we will carry out independent checks on your
own operations or those of others – covertly if you wish – and give you a detailed
report of our findings, with recommendations for improving animal welfare.
We can go on to negotiate for better welfare on your behalf if appropriate.
Farm animal welfare: from farm to shop or restaurant, wherever you are in the
food chain we’ll make sure the farm animals you use are properly cared for
throughout their lives.
Handling animal welfare-related media issues: we can handle any animal
welfare-related media relations for you, however tough. If things have gone wrong,
get to us fast and we’ll put you back on the right track, help you deal with the consequences and get the right messages out to the media.