Regulation for reptiles


We have been appointed as welfare consultants for the International Herpetological Society and the British Herpetological Society. Keeping and trading in reptiles is a growing trend
and many in this previously unregulated community are passionately dedicated to ensuring high welfare.

Mistakes may have been made in the
past, but these days serious keepers
have unrivalled knowledge about their animals, which they want to use to develop our understanding about reptile welfare in captivity and wild conservation.

We are rolling up our sleeves and
helping them to do that, recognising that they
are genuine in their desire to
improve animal welfare.

• We look beyond traditional prejudices and work with anyone, anywhere,
  whose stated aim is to improve animal welfare.
• We will help you test your theories, verify your knowledge, build your case
  and publicise it.
• We will help you have a voice in the world of animal welfare.