Keeping animals safe at shows

Nothing should be left to chance when planning any event that involves animals.
Remember you need far more than an on-site vet to guarantee your success in animal welfare terms. Animal Kind will ensure you comply with the law, get it right for animals
and ultimately protect your reputation. Having us as part of your planning can even significantly reduce insurance costs for your event. 

For the London
Pet Show, we get involved early every year. We learn about every
animal that will be on the premises and follow a zoonoses protocol to protect them
and the public from disease. We go
through all the legislative hoops, liaising with
Defra and the local
authority environmental health services. On the day we are
with a vet to answer questions about the animals’ welfare. We arrive before
the first animal does, and
don’t leave until the last one has gone home. The result is
that the shows
always get a clean bill of health from the authorities, the animals
stay well
and everyone has a great time!


Our service for event planners
• We help you plan, so you get the results you want without
  compromising animal welfare
• We check out your animal suppliers in advance
• We supervise during the event
• We liaise with trading standards, Animal Health and environmental
  health officers for you
• We reflect your event positively in the media
• We manage any public complaint before, during and after the event