Fighting for donkey welfare abroad



Imagine the horror of going on holiday to a sun-soaked foreign
resort and seeing animals treated in a way that is unacceptable
and downright cruel – all for your convenience or entertainment.
That is the situation on the Greek island of Santorini, where donkeys
are exposed to terrible conditions while carrying luggage or tourists –
something many tourists of course find repellent. We were asked by the
Donkey Sanctuary to investigate the donkeys’ welfare and the conditions
they experience, and also to suggest alternatives.
You can see our report here soon.

The Donkey Sanctuary then asked us to talk to the local authorities at
the resort and negotiate some simple changes to bring the resort in line
with European law, improve donkey welfare and tourists’ experience,
boost operatives’ income and mend the resort’s reputation.

Sadly, our appeals fell on deaf ears, and the Donkey Sanctuary has now issued
a press release urging tourists to take their own steps when visiting Santorini.

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